Thursday, October 18, 2007

Keith Olbermann and Paul Krugman discuss right wing smears on children

It would not be fair to paint all Republicans as nasty. But there are too many out there that display some disturbing signs of vindictiveness. SCHIP, the health care plan that Democrats (and some Republicans) have tried to pass in order to insure millions of children has been attacked by the right mercilessly. When the Democrats brought attention to some of the children that have benefitted from the existing program, the Right countered with some appalling attacks directed at the actual families. Check the video of Keith Olbermann discussing the tactics with the brilliant economist Paul Krugman. Oh, and as of today, the health care plan has been successfully vetoed by the President.

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Guest Star said...

I know it sounds mean, but people shouldn't have children they can't afford. Nobody deserves to suffer, but worst case scenarios are what responsible people should consider before making life altering decisions such as having children. Tobacco smokers also should not have to foot the bill for American's lack of health insurance...let the shit storm commence