Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Insane Republican Trent Wisecup

Trent Wisecup, Chief of Staff for Michigan Republican Joe Knollenberg decided to intervene when a pesky liberal journalist kept asking difficult questions. According to the frothing Wisecup, being liberal apparently means that you want Iran to defeat America, and Toyota to defeat GM. It's nice to see such intelligent debate.


Joe said...

The guy with the camera may have been annoying, and if he bothered the Congressman's wife or neighbors he shouldn't have, but the reaction of the Republican Congressman’s Chief of Staff is indicative of what the GOP and their minions in the mainstream media have been saying for over six years: if you have a political agenda that differs from those in power, “you are not an American,” “you are anti-American,” “you want the United States to lose.” This constant, if you disagree with Bush you are un-American, you are anti-American, you want the US to lose bullshit is all they have, but they say it over and over and over again and have for six years and the Corporate MSM repeats it too. The COS said “you are not an American citizen you have a political agenda.” Guess what I have a political agenda. Anyone who cares about this country and wants the wrongs righted so that the US can be the best nation it can be has a political agenda. To say that only those who keep silent are citizens is Orwellianism at its worst. It turns out the Congressman and his staff met and planned ahead of time to say this and it has been said by Republicans and the media for years now. This is what’s wrong with the government in general and what the Republican Party has become in particular.

Anonymous said...

A sad example of GOP "leaders" not wanting to explain their positions to the public.

It's their JOB! Its good old political elite at its finest.