Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ron Paul actually makes Billy O'Reilly think

by Ben Cohen

The only sane Republican in the race for the 2008 presidency, Ron Paul, seems to do the impossible: make Bill O'Reilly think. It's not completely obvious, but you can actually see the right wing shock jock pause for thought on a couple of occasions. He does not agree with Paul, of course, but he does not shout him down or completely disregard his point. Paul discusses the disastrous effects of American foreign policy and lays blame for September 11th on the actions of the U.S Government for the past 60 years. That O'Reilly did not kick him off the air is a major concession. To watch the video, click below:

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Adrian said...

honestly, i don't think Ron did much to make Ol' Bill think at all... To me, he still came across as the same propagandist, tunnel-visioned, sound bite, bobble-head that we've all come to love (to loathe). That being said, Ron did a good job not getting into the typical O'Reilly shout-fest, which might come across to some as weak or submissive, but it's good to see a candidate that still knows how to have a real debate/discussion.

Ben Cohen said...

You're probably right, think is too strong a word. O'reilly let him speak, which is a big deal though.