Friday, August 17, 2007

China proves it's Eco credentials


Beijing to go Green for Olympics

Piyushmehta, Shimla, INDIA

beijings olympic green
Under a year is left for the Beijing Olympics to commence, and construction on Beijing’s Olympics Green and the forest park focus on pressing the acceleration paddle. Spread over 1,135 hectares of land, the Olympic green serves as the center of attraction for the participants and the visitors.

Eco-conscious campers can “go bush” and help the environment at the same time. A project has been undertaken by the Chinese Olympic committee to build 33 windmills to power the 2008 Olympics. The estimated cost of the project stands at around $76.7 million. These windmills will provide over100 million Kwh of electricity to the city, which currently use coal fired generators. This will help curbing carbon monoxide emissions and raise awareness of environment friendly power resources.

Sasaki’s Olympic green
focuses on Beijing’s long term development program. The Olympic village which stands at 360,000 square meters of firm apartment will be sold for commercial purpose after the games.

It was part of Sasaki’s plan wherein he wanted to have a combination of the modern and the ancient coordination working hand in hand. The Niang Niang temple, which is approximately 500 years old and the Dragon King Temple, which again is approximately 350 years old became a part of the project when a promise was made at the time of bidding that these historic monuments would be preserved in the ancient capital. END


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