Friday, July 27, 2007

Wind Power the way forward

By Ben Cohen

This is a very informative article about how effective Wind Power can be. It's not flashy or particularly interesting sounding (as opposed to cold fusion, solar power etc), but good old fashioned air could help save the planet.

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Global Wind Power Reduces Emissions by 43 Million Tons
Bharat Bharat,Shimla, INDIA

wind turbinesjpgWind has been our prime refuge, ever since it’s come upon the inhabitants to fight it out for the sake of environment. Wind turbines have been installed worldwide with a motive of finding some respite from the carbon emissions. The plan’s paid off to some extent – according to Worldwatch Institute report, wind turbines installed around the globe in 2006 produced 15,200 megawatts of energy i.e. similar to what 23 average sized US coal fired power plants would, though, with a benefit, compensating for their excessive (43 million tons) carbon dioxide emissions.

The pace with which the global wind power capacity has increased, it is evident that countries around the world are resorting to the same, for cleaner energy – it’s projected to have taken over the global growth of both nuclear and coal combined. Now, the phenomenon of wind power is taking a ply to the Asian States of China and India, from its core in North America and Europe.

With renewable energy becoming the latest priority, and reduction of green house emissions a prime concern worldwide – countries are rapidly joining the fray of wind power energy. With the abovementioned already on route, countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and Portugal soon expected to gain ground.

Top two coal burning nations – China and US – are on a run to reach the pinnacle of the wind energy, setting example for the others to take heed. Wind energy is, and will play a vital role in doing away with the fossil fuels and green house gas emissions, it’s presumed that wind power could reduce global emissions growth by 20 percent by 2015.

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